Birth Doula $1200

A free consultation- this is going to be a 30 minute consult where we get to sit down and talk about what services I offer and what a doula can do for you. In this time, we will be able to see if our personalities mesh well together. When it comes to birth you need a peaceful environment and it is important for you to have good chemistry with those working closely with you.

2 Prenatal visits- this is our opportunity to get to know each other and create the groundwork for your whole birthing experience. We will discuss your concerns and previous birth experiences, what you are hoping for for this birthing experience, and labor comfort measures. I will provide you with research based information and then help you personalize your birth plan.

Unlimited phone, email, and text support- feel free to contact me at any point. My job and desire is to do all that I can to put you at ease and to provide you with as much information as possible.  

Information and Resources- I will provide you with research and resource lists of all the services provided in the Lake County and Kenosha County area.

On call- I will be on call starting at 38 weeks. What on call means is that I won't leave the Chicagoland area and I will have my phone on me and will answer it 24 hours a day. If there is a chance that you will have your baby before 38 weeks(pregnant with multiple, are high risk, or last pregnancy was premature), then that on call service can start sooner.

Labor Support- I am with you throughout your whole labor and birth. I will be there to give you mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical support. I will also support you by suggesting relaxation and pain relief techniques. I will encourage you to try positions that help labor progress quicker as well as help reduce pain. If some unexpected turns happen, I will be there to offer you information that keeps you on track to be as close to your desired birth as possible.

Immediate postpartum care- I will stay 2 hours following your birth to assist with breast feeding, remind staff of your pediatric decisions, and to answer any additional question you have in this transition.

Postpartum Doula $35 per hour

Postpartum Home visit- This is  more in depth transitional support which includes continued breastfeeding support, answering newborn care questions, and filling in where needed. I can do a load of laundry, do your dishes, cook a meal, or just hold the baby if you need a little break. I will do anything that will help you to slow down and just be. I want to make this transition as peaceful as possible.