Travel Session

You have a wanderlust problem and want to explore somewhere out of state? Not a problem, I do too and I offer exclusive travel sessions. Let's make this a babymoon that you will never forget! There is something magical about exploring a new place with the one that you love, especially when it is going to be the last trip the two of you will take for awhile. Some locations I suggest are Phoenix AZ, Utah Salt Flats, anywhere in California or Florida, New Orleans LA, Sitka AK, San Antonio TX, Boston MA, Boulder, CO or anywhere else that you know is beautiful. Let me know what you are thinking and I'm sure we will be able to make it happen!  

Here is an article that I LOVE about photographing your baby moon: https://www.praisewedding.com/archives/6424#

*If you are low risk, in general travel is safe up to week 36, talk to your doctor to get the green light and travel tips.

Maternity Photo Session $450

Come adventure with me! I love going on an adventure and capturing the excitement that comes along with it. Those are my favorite types of sessions. This is for anyone who enjoys nature and likes to see something new. We will take a walk and explore. When we see a beautiful and interesting location, we will stop and capture your beauty there. Enjoy yourself, enjoy the moment, enjoy each other!

Once you book your session, we personally design a session for you. We will have two in person consultations. From a get to know you consultation to a wardrobe planning consultation, you will be prepared and at peace when it is time for your session. 
    The two consults with go as follows:

    The get to know you session will of course consist of getting to know you, but it will also involve basic planning. We will talk about clothing, hair, and location.  

    At the wardrobe planning, I will have you bring the clothes and accessories that you have chosen. This consultation will be 2 works prior to your photo session. We'll talk about your style and possibly pull up your wardrobe inspiration Pinterest page. As you leave, I may provide you with a list of things that will finalize your look and pull it all together. I also have a small style closet. If you are wanting something and it sounds similar to something that's in my closet, you are welcome to borrow it for your session. If you need a little inspiration on what to wear, click here

In addition to our thorough planning process, we have carefully selected a professional makeup artist to provide you with a full face makeover.

You should book this session for when you are 32-36 weeks pregnant. This session will last 45-60 minutes on location and can include spouses and older siblings. You will want to book a night out on the town because you will look incredible. You will receive 10 edited high resolution images delivered via digital download.

Birth Photography $1200

A new life entering this world is nothing less than a miracle. I am extremely passionate and in love with pregnancy, birth, and the new life that comes along with it. Because of that I would love to capture these incredible and once in a lifetime moments. I offer a limited amount of births each year, so please contact me ahead of time if you are interested!

We will arrange a 30 minute consultation in your home and then I will be on call from 38 weeks of pregnancy until you have your baby. The session will start at active labor and continue until 2 hours post birth. Your gallery of high resolution images will be delivered  via digital download. 

First Moments Photo Session $500

The setting for the session is the place of birth. This is the opportunity to capture those first few hours of your baby's life. Those moments are so special and are fleeting. This is the time to have siblings come and see their new baby brother or sister for the first time. What a neat moment to capture! These images will strictly capture the natural moment that take place after the baby is born, the parents staring at their bundle in awe and siblings looking at the baby in amazement and wonder. You will receive 20 edited high resolution images delivered via digital download

Since this session is on call and is based on when you have your baby, the amount of these sessions that I can accept are limited.

Lifestyle Session $400

This session takes place when your newborn is under 14 days old and it will be about 3 hours long. It last this long because we march to the beat of the baby's drum. If the baby needs to be fed, burped, or soothed we stop everything and take care of the baby's needs.  

Since the window between being born and 14 days is so small, you should schedule the session 2-3 months before your due date to guarantee you able to get a session with me.

This session will take place in your home, so you don't have to travel anywhere. You also don't have to worry about your home being spotless because if there is any clutter where we are taking the photos, I will move them for the pictures and then when we are done I will put them back. I want this whole process to have as little stress as possible. I want you to be able to embrace the newness of your addition and enjoy this time. You will receive 10 edited high resolution images delivered via digital download.